Club Syllabus

The summer programme of Thursday ‘evening classes’ is below.

It has a variety of outings’ themes, locations and distances – Kinross-shire doesn’t offer  too many options – so there should be something for everyone, and quite a bit more for most people.
For beginners, the more experienced members will give you tips on what to photograph  and how to take it.
Please bring suitable clothing and footwear, particularly the latter if it is a countryside visit  – turning an ankle is quite easy on country paths.
We often stop somewhere on the way back for a chat; as you’ve gathered we’re a very  sociable club!

We meet on The Muirs in front of The Green Hotel at 6.30 every Thursday evening (TGH  on the programme). If you’re going straight to the venue because that’s quicker, you  should contact either Ian or myself as the venue may be changed due to unsuitable  photogenic weather conditions there.  Only travelling times over 30 minutes are shown.

If it is raining, we have a back-up to go indoors and look at photos that you’ve taken –  preferably reviewing those from earlier evenings. These meetings will start at 7.00pm,  venues as follows:
The Well Inn, Scotlandwell – the main venue because the screen is stored there. If it  has been pre-booked by another group, then  The Stables at The Inn, Crook of Devon, again providing there’s nothing else happening  there; obviously we’ll have to check before.  Having to cancel the evening therefore is highly unlikely.

The summer outings are organised by Robert Walker and Ian Thorogood. If you want to contact Robert or Ian about an outing, please email the Secretary for their mobile numbers.

Our recent 2016/2017 syllabus is shown below.


2015-2016 syllabus (for reference):-

KCC Syylabus 2015-16