Club Competitions

The club has both internal competitions for its own members and also takes part in many external competitions against other clubs.

The following rules cover the clubs internal competitions.

All images must be submitted on the hand in date or earlier, no late entries will be accepted. Prints should be handed in on the hand in date or by prior arrangement with the Internal Competitions Secretary. Digital Images should be uploaded from USB memory stick or CD to the club laptop on the hand in date or emailed to the Internal Competitions Secretary by prior arrangement.

Prints must be mounted in window mounts to comply with SPF guidelines, with a maximum mount size of 50cm x 40cm or 20in x 16in. This mount size is recommended even for prints of A4 and other sizes.

Prints should be labelled on the back in the top left hand corner of the mount, for identification and orientation. The rear of the print/mount should be free of any other stickers or labels. The label should have the following format:-

KCC_Membership no.            e.g.       KCC_111
Competition_Level                              League 2_Foundation
‘Title’                                                       ‘Dog’

Digital Images must be in JPEG format and sized to maximum width of 1600 pixels x maximum height of 1200 pixels (Note increase in size as of Oct. 2016).

Digital Images should be named as follows (to preserve the anonymity of the author):-

‘KCC_Membership No_Competition_Level_Title.jpg’   e.g.  ‘KCC_111_League2_Foundation_Dog.jpg’

All PDI’s and prints entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, use of images from any other source including, but not limited to, royalty free image banks and clipart are not permitted.
No image may be used in more than one section in any competition including the Annual.

The right is reserved to retain entries for public exhibition, for interclub and other competitions and the Kinross Camera Club website.

** League and Annual competition level revisions for 2017/2018 **

Following last year’s trial of multiple levels, the Committee has decided that for 2017/2018 there will be just two levels in each category in the League and Annual competitions.

Members can choose to assign themselves to an appropriate level in each competition category (Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints, Projected Digital Image) as follows:

  • Foundation: Inexperienced members or beginners who have never won the category
  • Advanced: Members who have won the League or Annual at Foundation level, experienced members and anyone who has previously won on multiple occasions

These are only guidelines and members may move up a level of their own choosing (if they fancy a challenge) however, they cannot normally move down of their own choosing. After 2 years (of not progressing upwards) a member may choose to drop a level if they want. Please ask the Internal Competitions Secretary for guidance on this matter.


  • 4 prints on a theme of the member’s choice. Maximum size of each print 7”x5”.
  • Images are judged by the audience on the night.
  • All members are equal.
  • 5 points maximum are awarded for each print and 5 points maximum are awarded for the set.
  • The marks are totalled by the members to give a maximum of 25 points per set.

Projected Digital Image Knock-out

  • You may submit between 2 and 4 images depending on the number of entries.
  • The competition is limited to a maximum total of 64 digital images.
  • The Club sorts the 64 images into 2 sets of 32 and pairs of digital images are projected simultaneously.
  • Members vote for the best projected digital image per pair and this goes forward to the next round.
  • The process repeats until just 2 images are left from which the winner is picked.
  • Foundation level will be given preference if additional digital images are necessary to make a total of 64 digital images.

League Competition – 3 rounds
Categories and Levels
Monochrome Prints – Foundation and Advanced (2 levels)
Colour Prints – Foundation and Advanced (2 levels)
Projected Digital Image – Foundation and Advanced (2 levels)

  • Up to 3 images may be entered in each of the appropriate categories.
  • Marks out of twenty are awarded to each entry and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd awarded in each section of each round.
  • A picture (or significantly similar image) which has been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any League competition may not be resubmitted in the same or any other rounds of this competition

Thackery Trophy

  • A panel of 3 individually mounted prints on a set theme and judged as a set.

Creative Digital Competition

  • In this competition your images should be creative in some way e.g. slow shutter speed, panning, unusual angle, manipulated on the computer (i.e. not simply a ‘straight’ shot). Note they do not have to be manipulated in software; an in-camera creative approach is fine too.
  • Up to 3 images may be entered
  • Images are submitted in a JPEG format.

Fortune & Greer Quaich

  • Up to 2 Prints, Colour or Monochrome, on a set theme to be judged by Club members.

10 Minute Talk/ AV Presentation – judged by The President

  • 10 minutes maximum
  • With pictures or without pictures but the talk must be on photography
  • All members equal

Annual Competition
Categories and Levels
Monochrome Prints – Foundation and Advanced (2 levels)
Colour Prints – Foundation and Advanced (2 levels)
Projected Digital Image – Foundation and Advanced (2 levels)

  • Up to 3 images may be entered in each of the appropriate categories.
  • Any image (or significantly similar one) entered in a League Competition, may only be entered once in the Annual.

The Club, its Office Bearers and Committee accept no responsibility for the images presented, but reserve the right to refuse to display any at their entire discretion and without explanation being given.
All reasonable care will be taken in the handling of prints, USB sticks and other electronic media. Laptops and other equipment being property of members should be suitably insured by the owners for use outwith their own premises.